Our Services


One of the salient features of Medical Masters International is their Counselling Service by experienced and qualified doctors. MMI conducts three sessions of Counselling for the student planning for education in India/Overseas. They conduct the first round when the student inquires about study medicine, the second round is conducted when the student goes to secure admission and the last round when the student departs for his/her studies.


MMI’s Mentorship services emerged out of a felt need to have professional guidance for students throughout their medical course. To achieve that we designed a programme which enables us to look after the students progress,curriculum,physical and mental wellbeing. It is done in association with universities and active participation of parents.

Secured Future

Medical Masters International follows their students progress in the university to preparing them for entrance exams like USMLE, PLAB and MCI. After completing their studies, Medical Masters International by the means of scientific evaluation like aptitude test, psycoanalysis and serial counselling ensures that their students either go for post graduation or research or help them to get a secured job.

Our Highlights

  • Started by a group of doctors & headed by Dr.Ajay Chaughule, Senior Cardiovascular Surgeon
  • Serial Counselling by senior doctors to understand the students better
  • Mentorship throughout the students medical tenure
  • Complimentary study material for MCI & USMLE
  • Medical education geared towards employment in US & India
  • Guaranteed Job Placement after completion of studies