Shlok Aiyer,Mumbai

After my first counselling session with Dr Ajay Chaughule,I would like to immaculate him and follow his footsteps.I would like to be “MENTORED” by a Senior Doctor like him and guided for USMLE which is my DREAM.

Riya Kayarkar,Hyderabad

MMI is one of the most Authentic agencies run by experienced Doctors anyone can find in India.I have comfortably adjusted to the Filipino culture and American way of teaching in the university.Hostel is within the college campus, thereby greatly reducing travel time and enabling us to focus more on studies and it also ensures ‘SAFETY FOR GIRLS’ .

Adik Tetgure,Mangaon,Maharashtra

I come from a family of Doctors.MMI provided us the solution we were looking for after not securing admission in india.We found that MMI has the best counselling , professionalism along with stand out feature of “Mentorship for 5 Years”,as compared to many agencies we visited.

Abrez Siddiqui,Mumbai

I being son of a Doctor had great expectations from MMI run by a team of Doctors.My dad ,a senior doctor and myself are impressed with the professionalism and meticulousness of MMI.I would recommend budding Doctors to go to MMI for guidance.

Ananya Daing,Kolkata

Thanks to MMI,my Admission,Visa processing was done smoothly due to their Brilliant Documentation.I never felt that I was so far away from them because of their transparent and clear guidance .Im glad that I found the right consultancy to guide me in the correct direction for my future career.

Aishwary Badgujar,Akola,Maharashtra

I come from a family of many doctors,hence me becoming a doctor was eventual .After visiting various education consultants I came across MMI which I found very genuine ,transparent,and they gave me a complete clear picture and their readiness to help us throughout , as the core team of MMI is headed by medical Doctors.I give a Thumbsup to MMI

Parmeshwaran Ramnath,Mumbai

MMI is more of a consultancy group and “MENTORS”, than mere agents.MMI provided me and many students a basic platform to do MBBS in Philippines.I would recommend MMI to all students seeking an oppourtinity to study Medicine.

Mahim Khan,Chindwara,M.P.

I was very skeptical initially but after my interaction with Dr Ajay Chaughule ,we were sure that he will make me realize ‘my Dream of becoming a Doctor’.The Team of MMI was very co-operative and supportive during the entire admission process,travel and helped us in settling down in Philippines.Looking forward for their Guidance and Help throughout my medical career.

Ravi Gupta,Mumbai

I am really Happy in Philippines and the staffs and students of the University are very friendly and helpful.I really do not know how to express my gratitude towards MMI.Thank you once again for all your invaluable advice , guidance and Mentorship you gave me to reach my destination.

Saima Tisekar,Mumbai

The counselling sessions by MMI fully convinced me and my family that studying medicine in Philippines is a very good option.MMI which is run by professional doctors is one of the most Genuine and Trustworthy consultancy in India.

Priti Ezhuvathra,Mumbai

My experience with MMI was very pleasant.They gave me the confidence and security to help me get through my Dream .Very coordial in processing of admission ,and co-operative with students and parents.

Devika Patel,Mumbai

MMI has looked into each and every need of mine including in Philippines.I am completely impressed with the idea of Mentorship for medical studies as well as for USMLE by Dr Ajay Chaughule, who treats all his students and parents as one family.

Roneet Nayak,Bhubaneshwar

MMI is the “big reason” for me being able to start my journey towards accomplishing my dream of becoming a doctor.I would definitely recommend services of MMI to all my friends and relatives.

Ayush Shrivastav,Jabalpur,M.P.

MMI understands the need of its students and try to fulfill it in the best possible way.They are Honest and Genuine in practices of financial transactions.The journey with MMI has been a surreal experience.

Hitesh Suthar,Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Though I lived in a different city ,MMI had excellent communication with me which made the whole process so easy .They are very professional,transparent with valuable counselling and ofcourse the Mentoring which we shall receive from Dr Ajay Chaughule.

Nourin Lalani,Hyderabad

I visited many agencies but the difference between them and MMI, the consultancy, is that they want to satisfy the students and parents to the best they can.At first I was reluctant to go abroad to study but after Assuring and Comforting repeated counselling by Dr Ajay Chaughule which calmed mine and my mothers nerves.Im looking forward for Mentorship throughout my medical course and cracking the USMLE.